Montgomery Consulting’s clients include:
  • BellSouth
    Responsible for the Project Management and Implementation of Telelogic's DOORS Requirements Management System in a 300 employee division of BellSouth.

  • Anigram
    Developed Anigram Overview, Traffic Analysis and Analytical Valuation Analysis for presentation to Sponsors (advertisers), Investment Bankers and Merger/Acquisition Partners.

  • Enable
    Participate as a Principal in a company that serves the entrepreneurial dot com community by enabling select innovators to prototype their dot com "killer applications." Promising concepts are then successfully brought to market. Enable provides Consulting, Business Management, Financial, Marketing, Creative, Technical and Capitalization/IPO services to both start-up efforts and established entities.

  • Jenner and Associates
    Assisted in developing a legal strategy that allowed MCI to cancel a money losing contract for international voice services with WorldCom prior to the merger of MCI and Worldcom. By leveraging the threat of discontinuing WorldCom’s SS7 service that allowed call set up, MCI was able to cancel a contract that was costing them in excess of $10M per month in losses.

  • National Electronic Attachment (NEA)
    Provided recruiting and internet system design services for this web start up that delivers internet services to the dental marketplace.

  • Simple Access 
    Provided technical and marketing consulting to this west coast internet company.

  • TNI
    Mr. Montgomery researched the feasibility of using TNI’s existing DS3 Internet access to resell services to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and for TNI to become an ISP.

  • WorldCom  
    Mr. Montgomery has delivered System Signaling 7 (SS7) technical training to both Account Executives and Technical Consultants at WorldCom (formally MCI). While employed at WorldCom he also delivered training on most of the data products such as Frame Relay, Private Lines and Internet services.

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